Surface fly fishing in New Brunswick is limited to a specified daily catch. To ensure the return of Atlantic Salmon to our river The Kedgwick Salmon Club enforces a strict LIVE RELEASE policy. All salmon and grilse caught on our leased waters have been released since 2008. Further, the Club insists that if two fish are caught and released from a single pool that the angler must cease fishing in that pool.

The KSC is a member of the Restigouche Camp Owners Association and a contributing member of the Restigouche River Watershed Management Council which supports conservation, stocking and sustainable practices throughout the rivers and lands of our watershed. The Club provides funds, equipment and personnel towards annual habitat monitoring and protection programs. Also as part of the New Brunswick Lease obligations the KSC provides wardens to monitor activity on the river throughout the salmon migratory season.

The Atlantic Salmon Federation is the primary voice for Salmon Conservation. Many members of the Club are active members of the ASF. The Kedgwick Salmon Club recognizes that salmon fishing is an important contributor to many local communities. Seeking to find a sustainable Atlantic Salmon fishery is an important issue that extends well beyond the angling community.